Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Travel Insurance Direct?

Travel Insurance Direct is a trading name of Travel Insurance Agencies Limited (TIA), an independent insurance intermediary, trading since 1995. We are authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority.

What type of travel insurance should I buy?

Of the two main types of travel insurance, Single Trip or Annual, it depends very much on how many times you are planning to travel in any twelve month period. Generally speaking if you are likely to travel more than twice a year then an Annual Multi-trip policy is worth looking at. A single trip is defined as a return journey back to your home in the UK. Anyone under 46 years of age travelling for more than 3 or 4 weeks (up to 18 months) may find the Discovery Backpackers policy would suit them best.

Am I too late to buy insurance?

You can buy travel insurance anytime before you leave the UK, that is before passing through passport control at the point of departure (airport, sea port, etc.). It isn't possible to purchase insurance for a journey that has already commenced or while you are abroad. The sooner you buy insurance however the sooner you are able to protect the cost of any tickets or other expenses already paid for. Single Trip Travel Insurance has a free period of cancellation cover from the time you purchase your policy until your departure date.

Can I extend my travel insurance?

If you find you will be staying abroad longer than intended, in most cases it is possible to extend your travel insurance provided your insurance has not already expired. We may have to seek permission of the underwriters so it is important you contact us in good time, at least five working days.

I don't have a return ticket!

If you are travelling on a one-way trip then the insurance can be purchased to cover from the time you leave the UK to the time you arrive in your destination country for the first time. The insurance is not valid for more than 24 hours after this time.

If you are planning to return to the UK within the insured period but simply have not yet purchased a ticket then the insurance may be purchased but would exclude any costs to return you to the UK such as repatriation.

Will you cover my medical condition?

All our insurance policies include cover for a wide range of pre-existing medical conditions at no additional costs. Where one or more medical conditions do not appear on the list then it may be possible to obtain a medical endorsement from the Underwriter's Medical Screening Helpline. Details can be found on the Medical Screening page.

I have fallen ill, what should I do?

If you have fallen ill or had an accident and need medical attention you should seek medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner. Your insurance will cover you for medical expenses. If the cost is likely to fall under the amount set in your policy wording (currently €335) then you should pay for the treatment and claim this back on your return (see Making a Claim). If costs are likely to exceed this, or if you are admitted into hospital then you should call the Medical Assistance helpline as soon as possible.

I have lost some of my personal belongings!

If you have lost any personal property having had a good look for the items the you should report this to an appropriate authority and obtain an official written report within 24 hours of the loss. In the event of an airline losing your luggage then you should obtain a Property Irregularity Report.

Am I covered for an Air Ambulance?

Yes, you are covered for any ambulance costs to get you to a point of treatment and this includes an air ambulance if that is deemed necessary.